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Native apps, supercharged

Content management for Android/iOS apps with zero effort:
smart engagement with push notifications, dialogs, images or posts

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Powerful features to any app

With our tiny, ~100K packages you can add & freely customise modules:

Push Notification

We take care of securely storing device tokens and all communication with Google's Cloud Messaging or Apple's APN servers.


Interstitials and dialogs are often used for limited offers and together with notifications. Display one after the app starts, schedule them or use any event trigger.

Remote Settings

Remotely configure your app without resubmitting it to Google Play or the App Store. Conduct A/B tests or control any behaviour from the air.

Stories & Pages

Include screens of article pages (like "Terms & Conditions" or "Recent updates"), or lists of blog posts or other news. All editable with the CMS and cached in the app.

Easily manage your own content

With a convenient admin interface you can upload and manage your app yourself

User engagement done right

  • Upload images, texts and more
  • Schedule push notifications, dialogs and other content for your campaigns
  • Keep retention at bay with engaging your customers frequently
  • Run A/B tests out of the box
  • Keep the app up to date with spending less time with development

Custom CMS, modules and development

  • You can build your own CMS via Appwoodoo's public APIs
  • Expert help with Wordpress support
  • Custom modules and integrations with Appwoodoo developers

Developers love it because...

Real 5-minute Setup

Add Appwoodoo to your app via Gradle or Cocoapods, and integrate the take-off calls. Yup, it's that simple. If you need help, just contact us anytime.

Open-source SDKs

Other SDKs might steal user data or cause crashes. We don't do any of those; check out our open-source Android/iOS SDKs on Github!

Frequently Asked Questions


How many apps can I add to one account?

All of them! All our packages, including hobby and business ones, do allow you to add multiple apps. The package limits are set accross all apps in your portfolio, so you can spread your Woodoo costs, and let the popular apps pay for the less popular ones.


What happens if my app becomes an overnight hit?

Package limits are induced as soft limits. Your apps will keep running even after you run out of Woodoo for a while, and we'll make sure to send email alerts well ahead of time. And in case your apps get really-very-popular, we offer dedicated servers and maintenance services. (If you ever need to get a higher package, we'll deduct your unused months from your next bill.)


Can I use my own CMS?

Yes, you can: Appwoodoo comes with a set of public APIs that you can use to integrate app features with your backend, for example, sending push notifications directly from your own admin interface.